10 Songs to Listen to This April

Natalie Dixon | April 11, 2020 | Lifestyle

Enjoy this playlist inspired by the artists who were supposed to visit Chicago this month.


Song: “The Mother Lode”

Artist: Thom Yorke

What’s To Love: The trio ensemble, named after Yorke’s 2014 solo album, features Yorke himself, longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich and audiovisual composer Tarik Barri. The culmination of complex beats, rhythmic guitar and Yorke’s unique vocals present energetic tracks of gesticulation and hypnosis.

Song: “I’d Rather Lose”

Artist: Mandy Moore

What’s To Love: Moore’s sultry vocals explore elements from a variety of genres: R&B, soul, pop, indie and more. After taking a break from music to pursue her acting career, Mandy Moore rocketed back into her sound with the release of singles “I’d Rather Lose” and “When I Wasn’t Watching.”

Song: “Purple Hat”

Artist: Sofi Tukker

What’s To Love: Electronic music duo Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern celebrated immediate career success when their first song, “Drinkee,” received a Grammy nomination. Their groovy beats and genre-mixing tendencies draw listeners in from around the globe.

Song: “Runner”

Artist: Tennis

What’s To Love: Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore make up the indie pop duo that is celebrated for their beguiling and velvety tunes. The husband and wife team released their fifth album, Swimmer this year with a retro-cool music video for sleeper hit “Need Your Love” directed by Luca Venter.

Song: “Are You Feeling Sad?”

Artist: Little Dragon

What’s To Love: In their latest album, the Swedish pop group explores pop and electric sounds in tandem while developing clean and crispy vibes. The modernization of their beats will refresh your auditory pallet.

Song: “I Can’t Stay the Same”

Artist: Vanessa Carlton

What’s To Love: Filled with instrumental layers and passionate confessionals, Vanessa Carlton’s sixth studio album explores and exposes Carlton’s deep desires and emotions. Tracks such as “The Only Way to Love” and “Future Pain” will have you staring wistfully out your window, in a good way.

Song: “A Love Bizarre”

Artist: Sheila E.

What’s To Love: Continuing her legacy of musical influence and genius, Sheila E. pours rhythm and soul into each of her tracks, making for a glorious listening experience. Her background as a percussist for Marvin Gaye and Prince ensures living room dance parties will be livelier than ever before.

Song: “Survive”

Artist: The Warning

What’s To Love: This mexican rock band is composed of three sisters who were inspired to make their own group after playing the music video game Rock Band.

Song: “Good Nights (feat. Mascolo)”

Artist: Whethan

What’s To Love: Chicago-born DJ Whethan partners with Mascolo on this track that provides a blissfully minimalistic tune perfect for a spring afternoon. Whethan’s electronic and pop-infused sound begs you to get off your feet and move to the music.

Song: “I Want You Around”

Artist: Snoh Aalegra

What’s To Love: Swedish-born R&B-grounded singer-songwriter Snoh Aalegra has the voice of an angel. Smooth beats paired with Aalegra’s silky voice make for a captivating and glossy track.

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