25 Most Intriguing Chicagoans: Chance The Rapper

David Zivan | September 10, 2019 | People

Chance the Rapper goes above and beyond to be a hometown hero.



Is it possible that nice guys do OK? Is it possible that Chance the Rapper’s single flaw is being too modest? In 2017, during yet another peak in the everlasting storm around the fate of the city’s public schools, Chance stepped in and rather quietly gave $1 million dollars to CPS— as if to say, if we really want to get something done,we can, and I will help. His first widespread hit, arguably, was a song about his grandmother. After stunning performances on the late-night shows, electrifying live sets around the city and a legendary appearance on Saturday Night Live, the 26-year-old just dropped his fourth solo effort, titled The Big Day. The main complaint of critics was that the project had a lot of music on it and also too many love songs dedicated to his wife, whom he married in March. He calls the recording his debut, though we know what he has already done and who he really is—a real Chicagoan, from a real Chicago family (his father worked for Harold Washington and Barack Obama), who really cares about Chicago. We named an alligator for him, for goodness’ sake, and we meant it in a good way. We have no doubt more is to come.

Photography by: CARL TIMPONE/BFA.COM