Farmer's Fridge Founder Luke Saunders Talks Staying Healthy While Traveling

The Editors | April 26, 2019 | People

As a former traveling salesman, Luke Saunders yearned to make healthy food as accessible as a candy bar. His answer, the Farmer’s Fridge vending machine, has spread to more than 250 locations in Chicago, Milwaukee and Indianapolis.


What is your go-to superfood? I love just cutting open an avocado, cubing it and adding a little bit of garlic and balsamic vinegar. It’s an awesome snack.

Is there a wellness guru you can’t live without? I really like Michael Pollan’s philosophy: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

What is your morning ritual? I meditate for 10 minutes every morning, then have coffee and play with my kids. Then I go exercise, then I get to the office.

What is your secret to staying healthy while traveling? I’ll actually buy Farmer’s Fridge at the airport, and when I’m not around Farmer’s Fridge, it’s honestly pretty hard.


Photography by: katrina wittkamp | Shot on location at City Escape