See a Retrospective of Andy Warhol's Projects at The Art Institute

Kyle MacMillan | October 25, 2019 | Lifestyle

IM011792-int_press.jpg“Self-Portrait” by Andy Warhol (1966)

Andy Warhol is one of those rarefied names that virtually everyone knows; few if any other artists from the past 60 years can equal his fame. Now Chicagoans can see his work for themselves: The first Warhol retrospective organized by a U.S. museum in 30 years opens Oct. 20 at the Art Institute. On tour from the Whitney Museum of American Art, Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again contains more than 400 objects. “This is the first show that tries to touch on every medium he worked in,” says Jay Dandy, an Art Institute research assistant. Not only was Warhol a pioneer of pop art, commenting on mass media and production, he was also a kind of social-media obsessive before social media was invented, doggedly documenting every happening in his life. “Now everyone does that,” Dandy says. “It’s been said that the world has finally caught up to Warhol.” Through Jan. 26, $7 plus general admission, 111 S. Michigan Ave.

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Photography by: THE ART INSTITUTE