A Day in the Life: Jewelry Queen Lana Bramlette

J.P. Anderson | March 11, 2020 | People

As her celeb-fave company grows at an unstoppable pace, the founder of Lana Jewelry is thinking bigger than ever: “It dares me to design the impossible.”


“2020 is about designing more precious pieces with mega stones and taking our company global,” says Lana Jewelry founder Lana Bramlette. “Lana babes run the world, so it just makes sense.”

You need serious vision to succeed in the fashion industry, and Lana Jewelry founder Lana Bramlette has it in spades. The Chicago native started her business in 2002 to create the perfect fine gold hoops—and in the process set an entire generation free to self-purchase with her price point of attainable luxury, an unheard-of concept in the early aughts. Eighteen years later she’s at the helm of a 25-person jewelry empire, still based in the Windy City but making a global impact thanks to her army of “Lana babes”—including Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Madonna, Michelle Obama and other A-plus-plus-listers—who are rocking her jewelry on red carpets, magazine covers and around the world. And just who is a Lana babe? “A powerful badass,” says Bramlette, who lives in Lincoln Park with hubby Rob and 10-year-old daughter Blake (who’s already building an impressive résumé herself as designer of the Lana Girl line). “Our jewelry is unapologetically sexy and bold. You’re going to need confidence and a fire within to not just wear it, but own it. And obviously, we’re known for our larger-than-life hoop earrings. The gold hoop is really the most powerful piece of jewelry there is. It’s a fierce symbol of strength. A gold hoop instantly tells the world you’re not for the weak of heart, or a damsel in distress. You’re a woman not to be messed with—you’re a woman in charge. Whenever I see a fellow babe in a hoop, I feel a kinship with her. We’re in the same power gang.” How does she balance it all? Bramlette gives us the scoop on a day in Lana land.


“I kick off the day at home in Lincoln Park, having coffee and getting my daughter ready for school. Since I travel so much for my job, being present at home in the mornings and making sure Blake is all set for the day is my first priority.”


“To be 45 years old, run a company, and be a mom, a wife and a friend, I better have enough strength physically and mentally. Nothing does that like a good workout with my trainer Katelyn Brown at East Bank Club.” 500 N. Kingsbury St.


“Work, work, work! We are a global luxury brand with a 25-member team, and we’re headquartered in Chicago. I’m very lucky to work hand in hand with the best team in the business—my father is my business partner, my daughter designs our Lana Girl kids line and our employees all motivate me to do big things. We’re kicking ass and taking names, right here in our home city.”


“We’re creatures of habit and suckers for great food and amazing atmosphere, and we love that we’re treated like family at our favorite Chicago spots, Piccolo Sogno and Gibsons.” 464 N. Halsted St.; 1028 N. Rush St.


“l love to laugh and it’s the best stress releaser. That’s why for a midweek date night, our go-to is always sketch comedy at The Second City or hilarious stand-up at Zanies.” 1616 N. Wells St.; 1548 N. Wells St.

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Photography by: Katrina Wittkamp