A Flavorful Trip To Flora Fauna

Tiffany Goldstein | September 11, 2019 | Food & Drink

Flora Fauna’s From the Sea stone bowl ($36) features crab legs, prawns and braised greens.

Flora Fauna is “an ode to the flavors we crave; it’s our urban oasis,” says co-owner and executive chef Jonathan Meyer. Together with wife and expert mixologist Liz Pearce—the pair who originally drove Beatnik’s flavorful menus—he drew on their international travels for a unique assembly of flavors. “There is a lot of connection and overlap of flavors among the cuisines we’re inspired by, and we wanted to showcase that here in a new way,” says Meyer. “It’s a new American cuisine we can call our own.” The outcome? Pork shank-fried rice ($32) spiked with a fiery Caribbean jerk marinade; lamb tartare ($18) doused in tropical, citrusy soursop vinaigrette; and a series of hot pot-esque stone bowls with a Mexican twist. Your taste buds are in for quite the trip. 11 W. Illinois St., 312.624.9276

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