Aim to Make a Difference

By A and N Mortage By A and N Mortage | June 6, 2022

It does not take long when one first meets Neena Vlamis to understand why she is at the helm of a successful business. 2022 marks 20 years for A and N Mortgage, a residential mortgage lender approved to underwrite and fund loans up to 5 million. A and N is licensed across thirteen states and looks forward to scaling the company’s message of trust, accountability, integrity, and ethics into even more markets.


The longevity and steady growth of her company are due in large measure to Neena’s ability to harness unstoppable go-getter energy. “I am open-minded and willing to ask questions, continue to learn, and grow myself and others around me. I received a brain scan once and the doctor said I had one of the ‘happiest brains’ he’d ever seen. I love that as I am an optimist. I look at obstacles as oppportunities and frame my thinking to avoid ‘have to do something’ and instead think of it as a privilege."


For Neena, her business is in every way a family affair. Her mother works for A and N, and her husband works in the mortgage industry. They are raising their children to make smart financial decisions to give them a strong foundation for their future. Neena credits her eclectic heritage for her core values. In part Irish, Swedish, and New Delhi Indian influencing her views, saying, “At the end of the day, our values are everything. Don't lie, don't cheat, don't hurt people. We sustain our culture through respect for other people. We have to understand their perspective, where they come from, and what they have been through to appreciate how they fit into our world. We don't know what shoes they've walked in before. Understanding and respecting personal history matters. Alignment with people who share the same values is important to me. That’s a big part of my vision for success.”


Neena’s vision melds business and family in one. Her goal is to raise kind and happy children, bring joy to their community, and support employees and business partners who share the same values and goals. It’s fair to say Neena believes in speaking up and being true to her values. She works in an industry where a woman leader remains a minority, despite many inroads made in recent years by women. To Neena, men and women bring equal yet different values to the business.

“When I walk into my home, I need to make sure all the people in my household are taken care of. And the same for my business and the people there. I like being in an environment where it’s men and women because it doesn't always feel like it's competition. As a female leader, I am different. But different does not mean better or less than. Let’s agree to take each other on merit and appreciate the strengths we bring. I’m a mother, wife, and daughter. I’m also at the helm of a 20-year-old, 100% woman-owned business that can go head-to-head with the big players in the industry and win.”


Neena Vlamis
Owner, CEO of A and N Mortgage 100% Woman-owned

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