Art as Jewelry - IPPOLITA.

By Ippolita Chicago By Ippolita Chicago | November 1, 2023


Born and raised in the hills of Florence, Ippolita has always been inspired by the richness and simplicity of Italian culture. As a young girl, she discovered her love for jewelry in the shops and stalls of Ponte Vecchio. An artist first and a designer second, Ippolita studied sculpture and ceramics for five years at the Instituto D’Arte in Florence. After working in bronze and stone on large-scale works, Ippolita was inspired to apply her aesthetics to the world of adornment when she launched her eponymous jewelry collection in 1999 in New York with Bergdorf Goodman.


A reverence for women and the female body has informed her style and her design vocabulary from the start. Her highly personal approach to fine jewelry is expressed in the sculptural nature of the organic shapes of her precious metals. A proprietary blend of 18K Gold and other precious metals created a distinctive “green” hue, flattering to all skin types while her 925 Silver is a color with a brilliance all its own. The stone cuts Ippolita uses are characterized by their artfully random, larger than normal facets that conspire to create plays of light and shadow against the skin.


Located on the first floor of the 900 North Michigan Shops, the Chicago boutique represents a conceptual, innovative way of shopping for fine jewelry. With its open-selling experience it removes the traditional "behind-the-glass" boundary found in most luxury jewelers. Customers are invited to touch, try on, and experience the jewelry in a more intimate, direct way as though opening and stepping into one's personal jewelry box. Visit the boutique for a personalized styling session.


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