Big Ideas and Bigger Florals From Taylor & Co. Events

By Taylor & Co. By Taylor & Co. | September 29, 2023

Photo_1-0003.jpgPhoto Courtesy of Rick Aguilar Studios

What is your best advice for engaged couples?

Trust your gut instinct when you meet a vendor you think will do a great job. We cover a lot in our proposals so we don’t have to do a lot of up-selling like other companies do. I think it better to be honest in calling out all the things a couple needs to make their wedding happen then let them edit things to their budget.

Waldorf Astoria Dinner Party; Photo Courtesy of Collin Pierson

How far in advance should couples book your business?

Thats a good one...we are booking 2025 out and just brought on more staff so we can accommodate the new business that is coming in for 2024. The best advice I can give is call and check for your date availability and if we are available don’t wait too long to make a decision.

What is something you constantly strive for?

I’ve always just wanted clients that walk away with a smile on their faces when they see our logo or hear our name. We truly love what we do.

A Starry Night Themed Wedding; Photo Courtesy of Lisa Blume

What motivated you to start your business?

I’ve been in this industry my whole life in one way or another. I always wanted to be able to do right by people... I once worked for an event company that would cut corners and sent me in to clean up the messes. I really hated that and told myself If I ever started my own business that would never happen.

Behind the Scenes Hanging Floral Chandelier Installation; Photo Courtesy of Brand

Tell us what makes your business different from other wedding companies?

When you come in to Taylor&CO for a meeting…It’s with the owner and the designer. I can give you answers right away and a proposal within a few days if not same day.

Opulent wedding installation at The Drake Hotel; Photo Courtesy of Brand

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