Body after baby with Viveve

By Dr. Josie L. Tenore, M.D. By Dr. Josie L. Tenore, M.D. | April 27, 2021

While adding a new member to the family is an exciting time, there are changes that occur in a woman’s body that can be less so. During pregnancy hormone levels are surging for several reasons and while extremely necessary, can be associated with some issues in the post-partum period and even beyond. One area that is affected is the vagina.


So, what happens, exactly? In preparation for baby’s arrival hormones work on the tissues of the pelvic floor prompting them to get stretchy and loose. Also, the weight of the uterus and the baby contained within puts pressure on these tissues and may be responsible for additional significant trauma.

Once the baby is born, regardless of whether it was a cesarian section or vaginal birth, hormone levels drop precipitously, causing the tissues in the pelvic floor to become thinner and more vulnerable. Depending on how much birth trauma there is, a woman may experience a whole host of symptoms from pain, needing to urinate all the time, urinary leakage, and a feeling of “looseness and instability”. These symptoms can affect a woman’s psyche and sense of wellbeing and are often not voiced by the women who are suffering. Even if a woman does develop the courage to tell her provider about these symptoms, the answer is often “this is normal and will resolve with time…” leaving women to feel that they are not heard so their concerns are often not spoken again.

Having delivered at least 2-villages of children, I am intimately aware of some of the repercussions of what is usually a wonderful experience. While these symptoms are “normal” and part of what occurs, they are by no means something that need to be simply “accepted and forgotten”.

There are treatments that can be performed that will help heal the trauma that occurred from the pregnancy and the hormones shifts. One of the most effective treatments is called a VIVEVE treatment and is a simple in-office procedure that can take 30-45 minutes depending on the end goal. This no-downtime treatment is comfortable and uses energy in the form of radiofrequency which is applied using a treatment tip that is cooled for safety and efficacy.

The radio frequency energy acts on the deep tissues in the pelvis allowing for improved healing and tightening and even stimulates the production of brand-new collagen. Over the course of the following 2-3 weeks, the vagina is noticeably tighter, the fibers responsible for orgasm get plumper and more responsive as well as other changes. This improves both a woman’s self-esteem and the sexual experience for both partners. Increased bladder control is noted at 3-months and beyond, which will allow a woman to play with her children and enjoy life without fear of wetting herself.

I feel so strongly about this procedure, that I think every woman should experience a VIVEVE treatment 6-8 weeks after they have their baby. They owe it to themselves and to their families.

Dr. Josie Tenore is the Founder and Medical Director of FreshSkin Medical Spa & Wellness Center in Highland Park IL. “Dr. Josie” is a family physician who obtained a master’s degree in Maternal and Child Health from Harvard University. She attended the births of more than 2,000 babies and has been an advocate for healthy women and families for the entirety of her more than 35 years of being a physician. She investigated at least 14 devices prior to choosing the VIVEVE device for performing these life-changing treatments. Call 847-681-8821 for a complimentary consultation.


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