Bohemian Rhapsody

Tate Gunnerson | January 4, 2017 | Feature Features National

Bold patterns, striking color and a rich stew of ethnic influences lie behind the double doors of this traditional residence on a leafy half-acre lot in Deerfield.
The traditional brick house was designed by architect Thomas J. Ryan Jr. and built by Oxford Development.

“This home has layers and interest that create a well-traveled look,” says interior designer Michelle Williams ( of the handsome five-bedroom gabled brick dwelling that she designed for a professional couple and their children. “My clients wanted a lovely family-friendly house with young, fresh decor,” Williams explains. “It’s somewhat traditional, but there’s an edge.”

The eclectic design scheme is established in the central foyer, a gallery-like space with light walls, understated Carrara marble flooring and an array of art pieces from the sizable collection that Williams helped her clients assemble. “Almost every room in the whole house is painted in the same shade,” Williams says. “The couple collects many different genres of art, including abstract, oil paintings and photography, and it all shows up really well against the white walls.”

The foyer is open to the colorful dining room, where Williams juxtaposed a modern dark-wood table with chairs covered in a red and black African-inspired fabric, floral draperies and a large brass Moroccan pendant chandelier that reflects off of the ceiling, which has been lacquered to the nth degree. “I wanted a ceiling finish so mirrored that they would be able to look up at the ceiling to check their hair,” Williams says with a smile. “It woke up the space a little bit without being too obvious.”


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