Brush with Fate

Ariel Cheung | February 27, 2018 | Feature Features

Beauty expert and Lincoln Park resident Jenny Patinkin talks going vegan (sort of) and why she's anti “anti-aging.”

“There’s so much innovation happening in beauty right now, and there’s a huge movement toward clean, nontoxic beauty,” says Jenny Patinkin, makeup guru and author of Lazy Perfection: The Art of Looking Great Without Really Trying ($13, Running Press). Patinkin, whose line of luxury makeup brushes first debuted in 2012, has wanted to join the cruelty-free fray for years but couldn’t find synthetic fibers that met her standards. “They just don’t perform the same way,” Patinkin says. “My natural-hair brushes are so beautiful; I wasn’t going to settle for anything that wasn’t comparable.”

Subsequently, there was nothing lazy about Patinkin’s quest for perfection when it came to creating her new vegan brushes, which will debut this spring. Each full-sized brush packs in more than twice as many fibers as a natural-hair version, and those fibers sport a tapered tip instead of a machine-cut blunt edge. “When you have a tapered tip, it picks up less product, and the lighter application is much more flattering,” Patinkin says. “You get a lot of control, and they feel very velvety.”

A mother of three daughters, Patinkin says she is ever-aware of how the beauty industry treats women her age. But instead of going the well-trodden anti-aging route, Patinkin prefers her own concept of “flat aging,” finding a way to “maintain your appearance instead of trying to fight it,” she says. And that goes hand in hand with her makeup brushes. “Your skin is going to look much more fresh if you’re wearing less makeup, and that’s what my brushes are designed to do.” $160


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