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Ariel Cheung and Allison Duncan | May 1, 2018 | Feature Features National

Some people just seem to have it all—or, at least, they have all it takes to stay vibrant and healthy around the clock. So we've asked some of Chicago's top health and beauty influencers how they stay fresh and flawless in 2018.

Cheryl Scott
Meteorologist at ABC7

Since she was a little girl enamored with The Wizard of Oz, Cheryl Scott has been fascinated with the science behind forecasting the weather. Now one of Chicago’s favorite meteorologists, she saw how impactful her work could be during her coverage of a rash of tornadoes threatening the safety of thousands. “That was the day I realized this is more than just a job; this is a platform to keep people safe and help them when they need it most,” Scott says. While her work doesn’t leave much spare time, the Brown University graduate and former collegiate runner keeps fit with hot yoga, spinning classes and long walks with her beagle, Lola. “Yoga and meditation are playing a bigger part in my life—those things can really help you out physically, but also mentally,” she says. And having the perfect products and workout spots takes a lot off her mind.

1 “I like high-impact exercise. I love to get a good sweat in with spinning and hardcore cardio, so I go to Studio Three.” Unlimited membership, $240 per month, 648 N. Clark St.

2 “I’m really low-maintenance when it comes to taking care of my skin. I get all the makeup off, then I use a simple cleanser. I finish with a nighttime serum and a face mask from time to time. Honestly, that’s really it.” SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator dermal repair cream, $178, Cadella Med Spa, 34 E. Oak St.

3 “I just bought a towel to drape over my yoga mat, and it makes a world of difference so you’re not slipping during hot yoga classes.” Yogitoes Skidless yoga towel, $68,

4 “Being on air every day, we have so much makeup on, so the first thing I do when I get home is use Aveeno Ultra-Calming makeup remover wipes, which I swear by.” $7

Judson Todd Allen
Private chef, culinary lead at Taste 222 and author

While Judson Todd Allen grew up in the Chicago area, the Allen family hails from New Orleans, which means fried catfish and grits were staples at the dinner table. But when Allen began his journey to shed 160 pounds by replacing refined sugar, salt and processed food with meals seasoned with his own spice blends, he knew he’d have to change things up. “So I took pecans and a Cajun blend and created this crust and baked the fish, and it was amazing,” says Allen, who was Steve Harvey’s personal chef for years before becoming the culinary lead at the West Loop restaurant Taste 222. While he details his food-related revelations in his new book, The Spice Diet ($27, Grand Central Life & Style), he also dished on his personal favorites when it comes to fitness and eating right.

1 “I’m all into Le Creuset. I love the fire-engine red. I own four pieces—my grandmother passed hers down to me; that’s how long these things last.” 8-quart stockpot, $100

2 “I’m a water fanatic, and one of my favorite brands of water is Essentia.”

3 “I’m also a hot sauce fanatic, but it has to be healthy, so I created this all-natural, low-sodium hot sauce bursting with flavor.” Chef Blend Hot Sauce, $5

4 “I was never the extreme-workout guy. But one of my challenges now is to run the Chicago Marathon. I’ve always wanted to do a marathon, and I have a pair of Nikes that I love.” Nike Free RN 2018, $100

5 “I got my teeth bleached once, but what people see now is really from using Crest White Strips.” Crest 3D White whitestrips with blue light, $100

Joanna Slusky
Award-winning integrative optometrist and owner of Halsted Eye Boutique

Dr. Joanna Slusky asks every patient at her Halsted Eye Boutique in the Lakeview neighborhood, “How can I improve your life?” And then, with her passion for vision and a holistic treatment approach, she prescribes personalized eye care with a healthy dose of patience and friendliness. “We’re changing people’s lives one eye at a time,” she says. To stay happy and healthy herself, Slusky relies on the outdoors, traveling and these few essentials.

1 “You’ll find me in a hot yoga studio weekly, and this stylish yoga travel organizer holds my mat, water bottle, wallet, phone and keys.” Carryall, $79,

2 “I love the Beautycounter’s tinted Dew Skin moisturizer, which has SPF 20 and enhances skin brightness without any questionable or harmful chemicals.” $45

3 “My favorite Dita Heartbreaker sunglasses offer 100 percent UV protection and are guaranteed to catch all the eyes around you.” $550

4 “The PRN dry-eye omega-3 supplements keep my eczema away and are amazing for eyes, hair, nails, skin, the brain and the heart.” From $156

5 “Orenda’s Clean, Burn, Shape cleanse helps nourish your body with nutrients that support its natural detoxifying process.” $160

Jim Karas
Fitness expert, author and founder of Jim Karas Intelligent Fitness & Wellness

Jim Karas helps Chicagoans look and feel their very best by optimizing the mind, body and spirit. After all, he understands the importance of all three. “I remember being a chubby child, petrified to go to the pool or to the beach for fear of going shirtless,” he says. “I don’t want anyone to ever feel that way.” So with each client, he makes sure to emphasize his work is not about being perfect—it’s about being better, and he does so with his trademark passion for life. Here, he shares a few of his must-have products for looking and feeling great.

1 “I put MCT Lean oil in every shake, as it promotes fat burning, suppresses the appetite and increases energy.” $20

2 “The scent and flicker of Diptyque candles bring me a sense of calm.” $65

3 “I live for my Soda Stream’s bubbly water, and I always squeeze in lemon or lime.” From $80

4 “I wear Lululemon Pace Breaker shorts year-round. Yes, I do get odd stares in the cold.” $68

5 “When I trained Hugh Jackman all over the world, I never traveled without TRX suspension trainers in my suitcase.” From $15


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