Ceta Walters on Fall Fashion & Finding Time for Herself

Longines | September 6, 2019 | Style & Beauty

Clark and Stone has quickly become a go-to resource for the women of Chicago. Named after her sons, Ceta Walters started the online destination as a one-stop-shop for fashion, travel and lifestyle tips on how to balance it all.


“I started my blog because I was losing my sense of self in the day-to-day of motherhood. I started putting myself last,” Ceta said. “My blog feeds my soul. I finally carved out something for myself that I get to share with my sons. By putting in a little me time, I’ve gotten so much back.”

The balance of work and life is similar to the balance Ceta strives to find in her fashion. From mixing high and low brands, to contrasting bold colors with neutral patterns, to borrowing from the boys; she has built a style around balance—and finds it in everything from clothing to accessories.

“This Longines watch is both masculine and feminine, which is very much how I feel in an all black suit. Nothing says powerful quite like a three-piece suit,” Ceta said. “The all black dial has a masculine vibe, but pairing it with rose gold details makes it so feminine.” Ceta points to watches as the perfect accessory to make a statement. From black dials to diamond accents, Longines’ Conquest Classic line offers a variety of timepieces perfect for any style.

“Watches offer an element of surprise,” she said. “They are meant to stand out.”

Photography by: Photography by Collin Pierson