Presented by Design Consign: Changing The Way Furniture Is Bought And Sold

Nicole Werthmann | December 26, 2019 | Home & Real Estate Features

How furniture consignment stores are not only good for the environment, but they give back to the community.


Divine Consign is changing the way furniture is bought and sold. The word “consignment” merely defines a business strategy for how items are procured from a supplier and sold to a consumer. Kellie Scott, Owner and Chief Curator for Divine Consign, has solidified relationships with high-end model home designers & contractors as well as luxury furniture manufacturers & designers to take their showroom and model home furniture on consignment and sell it to savvy consumers who love the luxury lifestyle without the luxurious prices. Kellie believes furniture consignment is changing the way we shop.


Instead of dumping unwanted furniture on the curve, look to selling it to a high end consignment store, like Divine Consign, where they give the seller 50% of the agreed selling price. Stores like Divine Consign make it easy to to sell furniture (and make money!). They even allow customers to use their earnings as store credit to replace the furniture they just sold, making it a one-stop-shop! Divine Consign, of course, has standards of the furniture they can accept. About 90% of the furniture in Divine Consign comes from model homes, luxury showrooms and furniture designers where consumers can purchase it for up to 90% off the retail price. Divine Cosign serves as a trusted source for consignment furniture.

Furniture consignment shops, like Divine Consign, not only give consumers a good price on furniture, but they also help the environment by saving lightly used furniture from ending up in landfills. Divine Consign provides the Chicagoland an outlet to be green. Industries like home furnishings and fashion are large contributors to landfills, but selling used items in a consignment shop is making a small step forward to a greener, more sustainable city.

Not only does Divine Consign help out the environment, they also help out the community. According to owner Kellie Scott, Divine Consign donates thousands of dollars to charities in money, furniture and time. Since being in business, Divine Consign has contributed over $150,000 to local charities. A project that Scott is extremely proud of is a time Divine Consign helped furnish (and provide clothing) to formerly homeless individuals and families and assisted refugees by furnishing their new home. Divine Consign is making a difference in the community one project at a time.

By focussing on community, Divine Consign sets themselves apart from the typical consignment shop. Kellie Scott uses her extensive network and relationships in the real estate and design industries to build her business and provide an excellent source of lightly used luxury furniture to help decorate new spaces. Visit Divine Consign to see their ever changing collections of luxury consignment furniture.

Photography by: Shutterstock