Come to the Light

David Zivan | June 22, 2018 | Feature Features National

Start your summer evenings—or even your summer afternoons—with well-chilled, lower-octane beverages.
Spritzers, custom garnished by your guests, can make for great conversation starters.

There are those who would say that to employ a fine Champagne as a mixer constitutes a crime. We say, rather, that fine aperitifs—aperitivos, the original Italian term, sounds even better—are constructed from fine ingredients.

Thus, our recommendation of a Veuve Clicquot rosé here should not be seen as cavalier. Bubbly is a key component of the summer pleasure that is the spritzer, a catchall term for the refreshing beverage you should be serving your guests the moment they arrive at your soiree. Go ahead, pop a nice bottle and accept the compliments with modesty. You’ll also need some good club soda, plenty of ice and sturdy glassware that will get nice and cold in your hand. In general, stay classic: Iconic Italian brand Martini & Rossi this year released a new Riserva Speciale bitter ($26), rich with saffron, angostura and columba.

“I feel we have produced something that is both modern yet quintessential,” says Roberta Mariani, global ambassador—and who doesn’t want that from a summer gathering? And, finally, don’t forget the Lillet, both blanc and rosé. Those bottles are on every bar cart in the Mediterranean for good reason: They go perfectly with every kind of sunset.


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