David Murga's Healthy Must-Haves

Sara Berger | May 3, 2017 | Feature Features

What the Marketing Consultant can't live without.

Enter Andersonville’s Cheetah Gym in the early morning hours and, chances are, you’ll find David Murga. “I like to jump-start my day,” he says. “The endorphins add a positive outlook, provide clarity and contribute to creativity”—all of which are top priority as he’s consulting with his high-profile clients. But Murga wasn’t always in shape. “My last year in junior high, I put on extra weight,” he says, so his fitness-loving dad took him and his brothers to the local YMCA before school. “It taught me at an early age to set goals, and the sense of accomplishment that comes from achieving them.”


Murga trains with Justin Nagle of Just In Time Fitness (608.797.5799) several times a week. “He has an app where I follow workouts he customizes for me—complete with videos of him doing the exercise with proper form,” Murga says.

To get a sense of his daily nutrition, he checks in with MyFitnessPal—an app that acts as a diet and exercise journal.

He adds canela, Mexican cinnamon, to his Intelligentsia coffee grounds every morning. “Two cups rev up the metabolism,” he says.

“I’ve been known to get out of bed in the dead of winter and head to the store for mint chocolate chip ice cream,” he says.


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