ECBG Cake Studio Is At It Again!

By ECBG Cake Studio By ECBG Cake Studio | December 12, 2023

Courtesy of Nicole Ryan Photography

What would you like to be the new trend for weddings?

I would love to do a cake at every table as the center piece instead of a floral arrangement or even a cake at every persons place setting as a take away gift. When you are doing a lot of small cakes instead of one large one, they are typically less intricate, but it would be so personalized and special for guests


Do you do anything that is signature to your brand?

Right now we are doing a lot of vintage piping on wedding cakes and that has really blown up. It can be as delicate or bold as you want, and it has a retro flare. It looks luscious and impressive and a lot of people have even done a small heart cake to cut which is so cute!

What is the most gratifying part of your business?

The most gratifying part of my business is bringing an incredible experience to my customers and clients. When couples reach out to let us know how great of an experience they had, it makes it all worth it for me. We work so hard to make sure they are receiving the best service from start to finish and when we nail it it's the best!

Courtesy of Redwood and Sage Photography

What are you most passionate about right now?

Right now I am passionate about making sure my employees and clients are taken care of. During the winter months when weddings slow down, it is very important to me to make sure my employees are satisfied with new and different projects including improving our current operations and creating new initiatives. This will keep them busy when wedding cakes wont! This is also when I am able to spend more time appreciating current clients as well and developing those relationships. Relationships are everything to me... and to business!

Courtesy of Redwood and Sage Photography

What three words describe you or your business best?

Bold, modern, intentional, delicious, approachable luxury. I couldn't pick just 3.

Courtesy of Nicole Ryan Photography

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