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By Engaging Events by Ali By Engaging Events by Ali | April 30, 2024

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Three pro tips you'd like all couples to know about wedding planning/design.

  1. Have fun and enjoy this time together! Keep a journal of this journey with your fiancé. Take tons of fun pictures along the way as you go to meetings, cake tastings, and selecting that perfect wedding dress or tuxedo for your wedding.
  2. Really take the time just the two of you to talk about what you want for your wedding. I always recommend couples select 4-5 adjectives to describe your wedding and share that with your family and with your wedding vendors.
  3. Do not tackle too many decisions all at the same time. Take your time to focus on each element of the wedding. For example, interview all the photographers that you are considering during the same timeframe. Pick someone you would love to work with and then move to the next element to focus on. That will eliminate feeling stressed and you can remain focused on each area of your wedding plans.

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Tips for couples when selecting their wedding venue

When a couple is considering their venue for their wedding, it is a good idea to look at the different styles and narrow down what their style and favorite aesthetic looks like. By doing tours and walking into the rooms the couple will feel attracted to either a modern feel, classical style, or lofty/warehouse vibe. Depending on what their wedding style and colors they have selected, some venue locations will compliment that style. I recommend scheduling tours to see the venues in person. I think it is a good idea to talk to the venue about how the room is laid out for dinner and how the flow of the guests will be in and out of the room. Also make certain the room will fit the number of guests they are expecting and still be comfortable and not too crowded.

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Wedding Planning Tips for Planning your Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding combines the thrill of travel with the joy of celebration. Here are four tips to ensure your faraway nuptials go off without a hitch:

  1. Choose the Right Location: Select a destination that means something to you and your partner, whether it’s a dreamy beach spot or a cherished memory location. Consider accessibility for guests and local weather. Research local marriage requirements too, as legalities can vary between different countries and states.
  2. Visit in Advance: If possible, plan at least one trip to your chosen location before the wedding. This visit can help you scout venues, meet vendors, taste local cuisine, and arrange logistics.
  3. Communicate Clearly and Often: Keep your guests informed from the start. Create a detailed wedding website with travel tips, hotel info, etc. Also, consider sending out your invitations about 4-5 months in advance of your wedding and a save the date once you have the venue booked so they can research flights and get the best hotel rates.
  4. Plan fun Outings: It is fun to organize welcome events or group activities like guided tours, a welcome dinner, or a fun food or tour experience. These experiences can make the event more memorable and give guests a chance to mingle and really immerse themselves in the destination. Make sure to balance events with free time, allowing guests to explore on their own and enjoy the destination. This ensures that your wedding is not only a personal celebration but also a fun and relaxing vacation for your guests.

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What is something you constantly strive for and what makes your business stand out?

I constantly strive for creating events that are beautiful and meaningful for my couples and their families and friends. We curate each event by taking the time to get to know our couples and their styles, wishes and dreams and then create a plan for that to come to life. We do this by hiring professional wedding vendors, creating a custom style and mood-board, and constantly looking for ways to bring out their personalities in their events. I also am known for creating detailed and realistic timelines!

What big news do you want to share?

I just celebrated my 20th year in the business. Celebrating 20 years as a wedding planner fills me with so much gratitude and happiness, having had the privilege to help over 470 couples create their weddings. Each wedding has been a unique story, woven with love and unforgettable moments, which I've been honored to be a part of. I am deeply thankful for the trust each couple placed in me, allowing me to contribute to the foundation of their lives together. Looking back on two decades of love stories, I am inspired every day by the new beginnings and the beautiful journeys that unfold.


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