Fall-ing In Love With Your Home

Centaur Interiors, LLC Centaur Interiors, LLC | October 8, 2021

When temps start to drop and that autumnal crisp hits the air, how well our indoor/outdoor spaces function really hits home. Centaur Interiors is engaged in a range of exciting projects right now that involve optimizing function and flow for the season at hand. Read on for what’s trending when it comes to making the most of your fall footprint…


LIFE OF THE PARTY: Perennial entertaining spaces are the new benchmark. Inside, our clients are asking for spaces and enhancements that are primed for easy entertaining. Large kitchen islands with ample seating are in high demand, as are wet bars that are smartly designed to house everything you need to mix up a craft cocktail. The foyer is getting a lot of attention this season, too, for fabulous first impressions through the holidays. As for the great outdoors, it’s all about extending those open-air good times into November and beyond. With camouflaged heat lamps, snowmelt systems and fire pits that bring the heat—and a steamy mug of hot apple cider, natch—there’s no need to shut down your patio ’til spring.


COZY TO THE MAX: When fall hits, Chicagoans start to turn their thoughts to cozying down. Football, roaring fireplaces, the anticipation of snow… Midwesterners like their cozy corners and luxe nooks for Netflix and chill—and for good reason! Winter is coming. At CI, leveling up the chill out is always top of mind, a heightened focus we’re consistently bringing to living rooms, media rooms, libraries and bedrooms. Custom fireplaces are a no-brainer—and can serve as a chic focal point when done right. And don’t forget about comfort and wellness when it comes to your furniture selections. Sofas and beds that look as good as they function are key, especially as the sun begins to set earlier. CI is here to guide you through the selection process. Statement throw pillows and uber-soft blankets included.


PRODUCTIVE SPACE PLANNING: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Space planning is paramount if you’re investing in a home remodel. And if your designer doesn’t get excited about the possibilities, then you have the wrong designer. At CI, our team is stacked with interior architects who understand the limitations and opportunities hidden in a property’s infrastructure—and how to maximize every inch. And before we execute a plan, we’ll take the time to listen to how your spaces can best support your lifestyle. For example, if you have a big brood with kids back in school and WFH parents all trying to be productive, creating the right balance of open concept and private spaces for work/homework is essential this season.


GET SMART: You work hard. You play hard. You keep all the balls in the air. Your house shouldn't be high-maintenance and add to your stress. Smart home technology has come a long way, and is more accessible than you might think. All of the homes that CI renovates are smart homes to some degree based on your wants, needs, passions and penchants. Plus, being able to play music throughout your home, close the shades with a touch of a button, and control the lighting and thermostat in an instant will seamlessly set the mood for fall entertaining.


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