Familiar Faces

David Zivan | December 20, 2018 | Feature Features National

From the beginning 25 years ago, CS featured movie stars and international celebrities—but it is the locals who have made the magazine a must-read.

There have always been the big names, of course, gracing our covers or attending benefits: A short list would include Jessica Chastain, Sean Connery, Plácido Domingo, Boy George, Paul Newman, Al Pacino, Natalie Portman, Sting and—a personal favorite—Anna Wintour. A young Sarah Jessica Parker made an appearance alongside husband Matthew Broderick, a few years removed from his Ferris Bueller shenanigans but boyish just the same.

In 1999 alone, we featured the recognizable mugs of Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford, Ellen DeGeneres, Keanu Reeves and Steven Spielberg—a gang that, come to think of it, would make one heck of a dinner party.

But Chicagoans are the ones who really have turned CS into a book of record for the social, cultural and philanthropic life of this city. It’s fair to say that this magazine discovered Nate Berkus before he was Nate Berkus. We ran a knockout picture of Michelle Obama before—well, before everything. We have featured Mayor Rahm Emanuel both before and during—and, one suspects, we’ll see him again after.

Some of the usual suspects are gone now—Roger Ebert and Paul Harvey and Ann Gerber, to name a handful of media types. Who, among those of us who met him, doesn’t miss Bunky Cushing? Joan Weinstein, the great Oak Street maven, has been gone almost a decade now, but she frequently made our pages—and her successor, Ikram Goldman, still does.

Candace Jordan needs no publicity, but we like giving it to her anyway. And speaking of the beautiful people... the magazine has seen a lot of Mark Gill, and Alayna and DC Crenshaw, who never seem to age, and Monika Dixon and Julius Few have brightened more than a few issues. In the race for most appearances, finalists would include nightlife entrepreneur Billy Dec and man-about-town Neal Zucker.

Look! There’s Lucas Stoioff and David Rekhson! And Amanda Puck! And wait, up in the corner there... is that you?


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