Fashionable Family Fun Awaits at Atlantis Paradise Island

By Cindy Hatcher By Cindy Hatcher | September 8, 2023

Vacation time offers stylish options for everyone at this iconic Bahamian resort.

ML_Shot_07_3077.jpgAll photos shot at Atlantis Paradise Island in The Bahamas. Photographed by Greg Hinsdale. Styled by James Aguiar

We set our October fashion feature at one of Modern Luxury’s greatest escapes: Atlantis Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas. Located only a short flight from Miami and other U.S. hubs, this resort caters to the needs of individuals, couples, friends and–the theme for this year’s feature–fashionable families. As the resort celebrates the 25th anniversary of its Royal Towers, we show how your crew can dress the part for family fun at Atlantis Paradise Island, making memories that last for years to come.

Journey behind the scenes with our fashion team as they style this fabulous family feature, set at our favorite spots around Atlantis.

We spoke with James Aguiar, Vice President of Fashion and Creative Director at Modern Luxury, for his take on what to pack for your own trip to Atlantis, incorporating the latest looks in resort wear for travelers of all ages.


What goes on your packing list for family trips to tropical locales?

“The best thing about packing for a resort-style getaway is that you can pack more without the bulk of coats and sweaters. There is so much to do at Atlantis that you do need a variety of changes,” Aguiar says. “As far as family planning goes, just remember that the kids should also have a couple of fun dressier looks to go into some of the restaurants.”

If you’re traveling with older children–or looking for parental date night ideas–dip into fine dining at the property’s newest offering, Paranza, where acclaimed chef Michael White offers visually stunning celebrations of Italian regional cuisine with a passionate focus on seafood. For a more casual option that kids–and adults!--of all ages will love, check out the new Shake Shack outpost. Sip shakes as some of the resort’s exotic sealife swims by.

At the top of Aguiar’s packing list? “I always love crisp cottons and linens, and particularly anything from Ralph Lauren and Vilbrequin,” he says. “These are one-stop shopping opportunities and will dress parents and kids effectively–and you will always look CHIC!”


OK, that was helpful! Tell us more. What are the latest colors inspiring you for resort wear?

“Luckily the sea-themed decor at Atlantis is a natural fit for all forms of prints such as sea life, coral and tropical themes. But I always love to see strong colors like fuchsia, cobalt and emerald green,” Aguiar says. “At Atlantis, every place is the perfect Insta moment, and you always want to be ready.”


What guided you as you styled this editorial feature?

“I wanted to show the breadth of activities and how to dress: From a fun day spent in the pool, to late-day golf or a round of pickleball–and of course a night out at the casino or a chic restaurant for parents,” Aguiar says. “The overarching theme was fun, spirit and life. Families can have the best time and look amazing while doing it. The memories last a lifetime but so do the pictures.”


Style your next family adventure at Atlantis Paradise Island, and see the shots we captured in October issues of Modern Luxury, now on newsstands.

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