Feast Your Eyes: Kehoe Designs' Stylish Touch on Chicago Hotspots

By Kehoe Designs By Kehoe Designs | February 29, 2024

Valedor/Photo Courtesy of Sandy Noto

Tom Kehoe and the creative team at Kehoe Designs have boldly embarked on a new venture, unveiling an exciting extension of their brand: Hospitality Design. Their primary mission? To inspire, personalize, and elevate environments, enriching human connection in the restaurant and hospitality sector.

Valedor/Photo Courtesy of Sandy Noto

Most recently, the team partnered with the owners of the iconic Robey Hotel on their launch of Valedor – a moody, captivating cocktail lounge in the heart of Wicker Park, with cuisine embracing Japanese and Mexican influences.

Nestled in this intimate hideaway, London-sourced dynamic video artwork seamlessly harmonizes with a fusion of bold, striking wallpaper and plush, leather banquettes. The primary objective was to craft an experience that harmoniously balances ambiance and atmosphere, a goal realized throughout this daring design. The result is a captivating environment where guests can immerse themselves in an atmosphere that marries innovation with comfort, inviting them to indulge in the fusion of visual delight and cozy elegance.

The Pearl Club/Photo Courtesy of Olivia Blinn

Speaking of captivating design, The Pearl Club proudly opened in April 2023. Replacing an iconic Irish Pub, this space was transformed into an elegant cocktail lounge that features floor-to-ceiling velvet drapes, rich wooden tones, and a restored grand bar. Inspired by “old-world elegance,” this lounge exudes opulence through luxurious materials and gilded accents of gold. From creative ideation to custom fabrication and architectural restoration, Kehoe Designs crafted an unparalleled experience, embracing timeless luxury with an exquisite blend of sophistication and charm.

Alla Vita/Photo Courtesy of Anthony Tahlier

All of this followed Kehoe Designs’ most recognizable redesign project, Chicago’s Italian favorite – Alla Vita. Kehoe Designs led the environmental redesign, transforming the original layout to an inviting Italian dining experience, featuring hand-painted flooring, a rosy wood pergola ceiling, and a beautiful rock wall that seamlessly ties in the indoor-outdoor aesthetic. And let's not forget the mesmerizing centerpiece – a show-stopping ceiling sculpture of golden waves of fabric. The excellent craftsmanship and thoughtful design create an inviting ambiance that pays homage to both tradition and innovation, ensuring every visit to Alla Vita is a feast for the senses and a celebration of culinary excellence.

Alla Vita/Photo Courtesy of Anthony Tahlier

Interested in learning more about Hospitality Design by Kehoe Designs? Visit their website: https://kehoedesigns.com/hospitality-design/. Stay tuned for what's next - you won't want to miss out on their upcoming projects!

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