Find Your Wedding Style with Michelle Durpetti

By Collin Pierson Photography By Collin Pierson Photography | June 30, 2022


What motivated you to start your business?

After many years working in the industry at various companies, I felt inspired to open my open business and pursue an entrepreneurial dream. I wanted to offer clients a place to come to for extraordinary events with a focus on logistics and production.


Tell us what makes your business different from other wedding companies?

I believe that my 20+ years in the industry with experience in everything from political advance work to large scale social events and non profit galas to weddings allows me to create events from the ground up unlike anybody else. We create a really strong foundation for our events (and ultimately our clients) by starting with logistical details. From there we layer in experiential elements that hits all of the senses and emotions resulting in an unforgettable event that is also flawlessly produced and managed.


How did you handle the pandemic? Did your business model change?

I think that we all had a really awesome opportunity during the immense difficulty of the pandemic to take a look at our businesses and see what was working and what was not working. I used the time to really decide where I wanted my business and my brand to go from that moment forward.


What is your best advice for engaged couples?

My best advice for engaged couples is to understand that while a wedding planner is capable of saving money for a client, this is not actually what we do. In fact, the inherent value of a planner is the investment in the expertise and the ability to problem solve creatively. So, my advice is hire a planner and understand that planners are truly the key to a successful event!


What is something you constantly strive for?

Oh I strive to reach my own expectations every day in every area of my life. From this business now going on 15 years next year to my equestrian competitions with my horses to running my family’s 81 year old restaurant Gene & Georgetti. I want to show up every day and give the very best version of myself and contribute to making everything I am involved in better.


What sets your brand or business apart?

Ultimately in this business what sets one company apart from another are the people who make the company. I am incredibly passionate about what I do, and consequently have been fortunate enough to attract like minded people to work with me here at MDE. We are what sets MDE apart because our collective insights, experiences and talents are unlike anything else out there.


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