4 Hot Dining Trends in Chicago

The Editors | August 9, 2019 | Food & Drink

The I|O Godfrey's vodka-based Summer Smash ($15) is a sweet swirler that gets a calming boost from CBD.

CBD Cocktails
Whether spirit-free or otherwise, cocktails infused with cannabidiol—the nonpsychoactive hemp extract—are the hot new way to chill out. Vibrant bars like I|O Godfrey and Young American offer optional CBD add-ons, while The Swill Inn’s Feel Good Mocha balances out CBD cocoa powder with espresso, helping to make CBD the new buzzed word about town.

Innovative Indian
Toss out your tired expectations for what an Indian restaurant can do; with the arrival of new spots like ROOH, Vajra and Superkhana International, chefs are delving into the intricacies of the regional cuisines and turning out contemporary bites like tandoor-smoked pork belly and papaya-rubbed venison.

Posh Brewpubs
These days, there seems to be a decked-out brewpub to suit any fancy, from intriguing beers designed to pair with flavor-packed Chinese-focused bites at BiXi to Middle Brow Bungalow’s philanthropy efforts and tasty fare from a former Longman & Eagle chef. We've also got a massive Moody Tongue expansion to look forward to—and cheers to them for keeping the bar for brewpubs set so high.

Omakase Experiences
Chicagoans have a host of new ways to enjoy this intricate Japanese meal, during which guests are subject to the sushi chef’s whims of the day. With options like chef SangTae Park’s elaborate 17-course dinners at Omakase Yume, the refined selection at Kyoten or the easygoing fun of Sushi-San chef Kaze Chan’s OmaKaze, it’s easier—and more tempting—than ever to indulge.


Photography by: kailley lindman/i|o godfrey