Fun for All

Ann Marie Scheidler | June 25, 2018 | Feature Features National

Two worldly and energetic moms give kids a play space at Westfield Old Orchard and give parents the gift of time.
Bela Lopes (left) and Kiki Silva kid around at their newly debuted play space FUNDAY at Westfield Old Orchard.

FUNDAY, a boutique indoor play space and activity center for children ages 3 to 12, recently opened its first location at Westfield Old Orchard. Good friends, Brazilians and former attorneys Kiki Silva and Bela Lopes, knew this concept would fill a gap in the United States. “Bela and I are both creative people who were looking for something we could do now that our children are getting older,” says Silva talking about the center located in the alleyway across from Starbucks, between Banana Republic and SoulCycle. “This play concept is all over Europe and South America—we knew it could work here too.” Co-founded by the duo, FUNDAY offers a colorful, immaculately clean space full of stimulating and safe stations featuring arts and crafts, Legos, board games, a magnet wall, pretend play, reading, basketball and interactive video games. Mirroring the mall’s hours, FUNDAY charges for the first hour and then in half-hour increments after that—the perfect amount of time for parents to exercise, shop or see a movie. Adds Lopes, “FUNDAY creates a win-win for parents and kids. Parents can enjoy the mall while the kids can have a blast in a fun and enriching space.” In addition to open-play, FUNDAY also hosts birthday parties and offers a calendar of special events such as workshops and movie nights. Silva and Lopes encourage parents to coordinate play dates with their children’s friends and let FUNDAY be the venue. “We had only been open a month when other malls began to approach us about FUNDAY,” Lopes says. “I’m still pinching myself that we pulled the trigger and made this happen.” $14-$18 for the first hour, Westfield Old Orchard


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