GF Mom Certified wants women to understand the connection between gut health and hormones

By Anna Marie Imbordino By Anna Marie Imbordino | June 21, 2021

Known for her work as a functional medicine coach for the gluten-free community, local influencer GF Mom Certified wants to help women better understand the connection between gut health and hormone health.


Emerging research has shown that gut microbes within our digestive tract regulate many aspects of human physiology such as the absorption of nutrients from food and modulating immunity. However, recent studies suggest that gut microbes play another crucial role in the human body by regulating circulating estrogen levels.

Simply explained, when gut health is not optimal hormones become imbalanced causing havoc around the mind and body. Studies indicate that poor gut health increases the risk of estrogen-related diseases such as PCOS, endometriosis, and breast cancer. In addition to estrogen issues, researchers also know that 95% of serotonin is produced and stored within the gut. This would explain why many women with unhealthy microbiomes experience depression and anxiety disorders, along with a higher risk of postpartum issues. An imbalanced gut microbiome is also one of the causes of a low-performing thyroid. Symptoms of this include chronic fatigue, weight gain, skin rashes and hair loss.


Tiffany hopes to better educate women about how to heal the symptoms of gut health imbalances and feel brighter, lighter and more energized. “I designed the Hacking Your Health program and workbook for women with autoimmune diseases. The incurable and invisible diseases we learn about after years of feeling not so great, struggling with anxiety and mental health, exhaustion, physical pain and digestive issues. I have been there. Many times women are living with these symptoms and unaware they are connected to their gut and hormone health.”

The GF Mom Certified team aims to bring awareness and support to these women using an interactive format combining workbook self-study, group coaching activities, journaling and sharing on social media. Her newest book, Hacking Your Health, 3 Week Detox launched June 17th, 2021, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble retailers. Hacking Your Health, 3 Week Detox guides women through a farm-to-table influenced, gluten-free and allergen friendly detox program developed specifically for inflammation and histamine healing.


Tiffany believes this interactive but still self-study workbook format will help meet different women at different stages. She hopes Hacking Your Health, 3 Week Detox can be equally beneficial for a new wellness seeker looking to balance hormones for fertility support, as it can be for a seasoned wellness warrior looking to reset after an auto-immune flare up.

“I want women to know they are not crazy for believing they deserve to feel better than they do. I want them to know that they can take better control of those symptoms and heal their bodies with food and lifestyle. I want them to love their bodies and life again.”

Tiffany and the team at GF Mom Certified hope to celebrate the launch of Hacking Your Health, 3 Week Detox with Modern Luxury readers, and encourage those considering starting a program to follow GF Mom Certified on their favorite social media platforms @gfmomcertified. Hacking Your Health, 3 Week Detox is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble retailers. Order your copy by visiting HERE.


Photography by: GF Mom Certified