How Lucas Stoioff Stays Fit in Style

Sara Berger | May 3, 2017 | Feature Features

The DineAmic Group principal and founder's go-tos.

One would never guess Lucas Stoioff, the successful owner of several restaurants, including Siena Tavern and Public House, spent fourth grade sick with Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome, an autoimmune disease. “Being in a wheelchair for a year made me appreciate how important it is to be healthy.” Keenly aware of his body, Stoioff began practicing martial arts. “Humility is the No. 1 thing that you learn in jiujitsu,” he says. “You have to ask for mercy.” For Stoioff, humility transcends workouts: It’s essential in the restaurant business. “If a guest doesn’t like the food, it’s easy to put it into perspective. I’m just grateful they want to be there,” he says.


“Learning jiujitsu is mental and technical,” says Stoioff, who trains with Jay Valko at Valko Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy.

When not practicing jiujitsu, he uses the Map My Run app to keeps him on track during outdoor runs.

The cold-pressed, nutrient-dense juices at Harvest Juicery help him stay hydrated and can be delivered to your door.

For this purple belt, it’s fried potatoes. “Chips, truffle french fries—I have no ability to stop,” he says.


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