Ideal Health Chicago Makes Your Doctor's Appointment an Enjoyment

By: Claire Hatcher By: Claire Hatcher | May 11, 2021

Say goodbye to the constant dread of your next appointment as Ideal Health Chicago reimagines the health care experience.


Long gone are the days of sterile, uninspiring health care clinics. Ideal Health Chicago, snuggled up in picturesque Lincoln Park, is instead embracing a far more inviting approach to health care. The membership-based primary care clinic is all about the comfort and prioritization of patients. The moment patients step through the doors into Ideal Health Chicago, they’re welcomed into the beautifully decorated waiting room reminiscent of a spa. Continuing on into the clinic are meticulously styled exam rooms with heated exam seats for optimal comfort and relaxation. We spoke with founder Dr. Shaila Pai-Verma to learn more about Ideal Health Chicago.

“I spent the first 20 years of my career in a classic hospital-based medical practice,” she shares. “By the end, I grew frustrated with the emphasis on quantity of care and not quality of care.” Dr. Pai-Verma was only spending 15-20 rushed minutes with each patient and doing more work on a computer screen than interacting with patients. She knew there had to be a better solution to health care.


After utilizing the services of a concierge physician for her father-in-law, Dr. Pai-Verma realized the immense value of concierge services. “The care was efficient and of the highest quality, but as important was how much time the doctor was able to spend with him and our family, making him feel comfortable during difficult times, helping to coordinate specialty care, and providing constant communication to the health care team and his family, helping us make informed decisions.”

Out of this experience, Dr. Pai-Verma established Ideal Health Chicago to make health care easy and efficient for patients. Ideal Health Chicago took the typical health care processwhich patients typically find to be a grueling affairand reimagined it to place patients on a pedestal. “Our focus is in our warm and calming space, our dedication to customer service, and our commitment to overall health and well-being, partnering with all aspects of our patient’s health including emotional, physical, nutritional, and longevity,” Dr. Pai-Verma says. As a long time member of the medical staff at Rush University Medical Center, Dr. Pai-Verma ensures members enjoy access to one of the best academic medical centers in Chicago.

For as little as $198 a month, members can enjoy outstanding services such as extended physicals with 60 minutes of direct time with your physician, same-day visits during business hours for members, virtual visits, direct email and cell phone access to your doctor, nutritional services, and an on-site clinical laboratory.

“The best part of my job is that I get to take my time with the patient,” says Dr. Pai-Verma. “I love building relationships with my patients and sharing in their health and wellness, allowing them to live more complete and fulfilling lives.”

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