It's Almost Dîner en Blanc Season

Diti Kohli | July 19, 2019 | Lifestyle


A taste of European elegance flourishes each year as Dîner en Blanc overtakes a secret location, held close to the chest until the last possible moment. The picnic-style dinner gathers thousands of monochromatically clad locals for a swath of partying and feasting in the open at scenic spots ranging from Federal Plaza to the Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk. “We use our location as inspiration, and we love our offerings to intertwine with the magic and beauty of the legacy of the event,” says Chicago host Lauren Haras. The chic assembly originated more than 30 years ago in Paris, when founder François Pasquier instructed friends to arrive in white for an outdoor meal. Now in its eighth year in Chicago, nothing captures the essence of a Windy City summer better than the mysterious, all-white affair. Those lucky enough to get an invite to the August affair—there are some 10,000 names on the waitlist each year—throw themselves into lavishly decorating tables while unpacking meals from luxurious wicker baskets. The night ends with a swarm of sparklers, making for an illuminating experience. Aug. 8, $43 plus annual membership


Photography by: chris dilts/courtesy of dîner en blanc