It's time to get cozy

MMPI MMPI | October 12, 2021

It’s autumn, the world has opened up, and beauty is everywhere. Looking ahead to cooler weather, family gatherings and cozy spaces, now is the time to freshen up a room with one fabulous piece or to create a new comfortable area in one of your rooms. Here are 5 things to think about before you look for that one piece or start that next project.

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Hire an Interior Designer

An interior designer shows you possibilities that you may not be aware of, and provides access to trade brands that aren’t available in regular retail stores. More important, they understand the challenges of customization, and can save you money by avoiding potentially costly mistakes. If you don’t have a designer, call theMART concierge to set up a complimentary virtual or in-person one-hour consultation with one of the professional designers on call.

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Define your style

You know what you like—defining your style doesn’t just mean what colors you like. It’s also about your lifestyle, and how design can actually make your life easier. Do you have kids? What about your pets? How often do you entertain? How is your outdoor living space? What are the challenges of your home that you may overlook and have been just living with? You might learn something about your style that surprises you.

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Think outside the box – mix and match!

You want a design that speaks to you and makes you happy in your home. Design Center at theMART gives you access to thousands of brands, many of which can be completely customized. Broaden your horizons and think in terms of pieces and combinations that you haven’t seen before. Your imagination can become reality.

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Explore the showrooms at theMART

It can be overwhelming to navigate the 750,000 square feet of showroom space at the Design Center. That’s another plus to having a designer at your side: they will know exactly where to take you and how to find exactly what you are looking for. Before you go, scroll through the showroom directory on

Have fun with it!

All you have to remember is that the possibilities are endless—go for it!

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