JennAir Redefines the Luxury Kitchen Experience With Chicago Designer Aimee Wertepny

By: Modern Luxury Editors By: Modern Luxury Editors | December 10, 2021


Transforming the luxury kitchen experience, JennAir is synonymous with pioneering innovative design in the kitchen. From statement making finishes of new appliances to the latest advancements in home technologies, elevated design choices can take you one step closer to redefining your customized kitchen space.

When it comes to luxury design in Chicago, Aimee Wertepny, Principal and visionary at PROjECT., design is anything but basic. Proud to have been born and raised a Chicagoan, Wertepny is a maker, a connector, a storyteller, and very, very real. Famed for breaking the rules, she believes that interior design is a compilation album; their client’s stories are murmured in objects, belted out in colors and textures, where the goal is “to bring the magic and the woo-woo.”

“Throwing convention on its head is the specialty at PROjECT. And unconventional space planning is our love language,” says Wertepny. That being their work philosophy, it’s no wonder that Aimee Wertepny often turns to JennAir. With its “Bound By Nothing” mantra, JennAir has also embraced the mercurial demands of design to redefine the luxury living experience. Individualization, sleek design and top performance have kept JennAir at the forefront of design and a favorite among industry professionals and customers alike.


Clients want their homes to be a reflection of their individual personalities, and kitchen customization is a significant part of today’s luxury home. Statement pieces, appliances that are as beautiful as they are functional, and leveling up to professional grade performance are some of the biggest trends in the decision making process today.

A match made in design heaven, JennAir and Wertepny have mastered the art of creating personalized, uniquely individual spaces for homeowners. Always looking for ways to make a statement, Wertepny is drawn towards the leather-clad refrigerator columns from the JennAir Cut collection to add radical texture, color and contrast. "Having a space that is made for you is so meaningful, and it’s meaningful to us to make it just right—to make it matter. And we recognize that this level of design is a luxury that most people don’t have.”


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Photography by: Jenn-Air