Meet the Old Town Hair Salon Acclaimed by Locals: Scottfree Salon & Barber

By Scottfree Salon & Barber By Scottfree Salon & Barber | June 21, 2022


While local businesses faced a challenging feat to remain open during the height of the pandemic, Scottfree Salon & Barber bravely opened its doors in July of 2021. Founder Scott Yance and owner Steve Olson partnered together to envision a hair care haven for the city’s discerning clientele.

Uniquely located at the convergence of Old Town and Lincoln Park, Scottfree Salon partakes in the neighborhood’s rich history and partners with nearby businesses to build a thriving community. “People and businesses alike care about each other and work together (here)”, says Scott Yance. “It’s a beautiful mix of cultures and generations, a perfect fit for Scottfree.”


With an array of comprehensive salon offerings, Scottfree Salon takes care of the details so clients can relax and admire the beautiful scenery. From hair cuts, coloring and extensions to smoothing treatments and styling, your appointment will be personalized by the in-house concierge service to accommodate your specified hair goals. Men can also enjoy complete barbering services with additional hot towel pampering and straight razor shaves. The artists of Scottfree Salon are routinely trained, receiving education on innovative techniques throughout their career to exceed every clients’ expectations time again.

“We truly believe that beauty begins from within; we work every day to do what is right, not what is easy,” says Yance. “We inspire our staff to set the right example. This positive energy radiates to our clients, community and ultimately to our industry.”

Beyond building a solid rapport with notable actors, athletes and musicians across the nation, the Old Town hotspot aims to foster connection with locals and help them put their best foot forward. After recently raising over $2,500 at a fundraiser to benefit the families and children of Ukraine, Scottfree Salon sets their eyes next on serving up complimentary mens cuts, shaves and womens’ blow outs on Wells St. during the Old Town Art Fair this June. The salon will be partnering with Ford General for the event additionally providing beer, wine, cocktails and coffee to enjoy.


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