Men Of Style: Ge Wang

Elle Cashin | March 27, 2020 | People


In just eight years, Ge Wang has grown his men’s suiting business ESQ from passion project to luxury brand, this month unveiling a half-million-dollar new store at 180 N. LaSalle. It’s somewhere you’ll want to hang out—and Wang is someone you’ll want to hang out with. By dressing a network of professional athletes, the Beijing native has become known for his ability to suit guys of all sizes. “Our smallest customer was a child under 3 feet”—that was Rashaan Melvin’s son, for the Detroit Lions cornerback’s wedding last summer—“and our tallest guy is probably 7 feet, 2 inches,” Wang says. “If we can dress a guy who’s 350 pounds and make him look slim, we can dress everybody.” It’s what bespoke is all about. “When I started doing custom, I would get colored buttonholes or [things that said], ‘Hey look, it’s a custom suit!’” Wang says. “But we’ve gotten away from that. People will be able to tell right away that a suit is made for you; we don’t need all these peacocking things.”

In three words, I would describe my style as casual, clean, refined.

My earliest style memory is my father wearing ill-fitting suits when I was a child—looking back, perhaps this is a driving force for what I do now.

The worst fashion faux pas is the black suit. You shouldn’t be wearing it unless you’re at a funeral.

Double- or single-breasted suit? If you can pull off a double-breasted, I’m all for it. the real question is: Roman, Neapolitan or English cut?

A man is not fully dressed without his pride. Look in the mirror before going out, then do it again. Be confident in your skin.

I am happiest when I get to see the smile on my son’s face.

My life story in four words is it’s only just beginning.

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