Mom on a Mission

Jenny Muslin | March 28, 2018 | Feature Features National

Nicole Jakob is an entrepreneur whose kits encourage kindness with a renegade spirit.

Winnetka resident Nicole Jakob is a mother who, like most parents, wants to teach her children to recognize other people’s needs. It’s one thing to educate your children about doing good, but it’s another to have them actually experience the feeling of doing a good deed. A true “momtrepreneur” with a background in design and marketing, Jakob turned her dream into reality with Renegade Made, an award-winning line of craft and activity kits ($19 to $25) that allow kids to be artistic while encouraging kindness. For instance, the Random Acts of Flowers kit includes the supplies to make a beautiful tissue paper arrangement of flowers assembled in a hanging vase. The child is encouraged to hang the vase in a public place for strangers to take a flower. With each flower, the recipient finds a surprise tag on the stem with encouragement to do something nice for someone else. The Sidewalk Chalk Tagging Kit includes an assortment of chalk paint and pre-cut stencils with messages like “Make Art, Not Your Bed” or “The Best Things In Life Aren’t Things.” The painted messages along the sidewalk are sure to brighten a passerby’s day. “I wanted to show kids that they have the power to do something creative and impactful with a focus on doing things anonymously,” Jakob says. Included in each kit is a renegade mask so kids can truly feel like an unidentified do-gooder. Additionally, a portion of each kit’s proceeds benefits a different charity. Children ages 8 and up can complete the kits on their own, while younger children will enjoy a little parental help. Look for a new dog-themed kit this spring at local retailers like The Book Stall in Winnetka.

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