Nesting Ground

Ariel Cheung | April 16, 2018 | Feature Features

Gather your flock and head to The Warbler, where blithe cocktails, airy surroundings and delightful dishes await.
Korean-style chicken wings carry a little kick.

When the owners of quaint Lincoln Square restaurant Gather decided, after five years, it was time to spread their wings, they spent months searching for the right spot. As it turns out, the answer was closer—much closer—than they’d thought. “On the surface, it seems like maybe an odd place to open a second restaurant, right next door to your first,” says managing partner David Breo. “But it really seems to have hit a needed nerve for the area.” As he puts it, Gather is a place for dinner and wine, while The Warbler is all “sunshine and cocktails.”

There is certainly sunshine aplenty, beaming off the crisp whitewashed walls and warming a charming row of hanging plants. A neat bar with jade green tiles and light gray marble complements sweeping geometric patterns on nearby walls and floor. Airy cocktails ($11) double down on the breezy vibes: The Bird’s Nest, for example, is a frothy Irish whiskey drink uplifted by orange curaçao, lemon and egg white, and rimmed with a sprig of rosemary. A strong tequila-mezcal blend called The Robin is tempered with notes of jalapeño and cilantro, plus a sprightly splash of pilsner. A smattering of local draft and bottled beers and a few dozen wines are on the menu, but here, the cocktails sing.


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