New line of luxury seating is style built on substance

| June 8, 2021

Ten years ago, the makers of the DLX line of luxury chairs set out to bring together three fundamental elements: unrivaled design, unparalleled luxury, and an unmatched experience. Today, you can choose from a wide selection of features and tailored options to create a DLX that suits your style, and your lifestyle.


Every DLX chair is custom-built to your specifications by in-house designers, engineers and craftsmen. When designing your chair, you’ll find a long list of customizable features that add layers of luxury and aesthetic that you won’t find anywhere else. For example:

The DLX offers you a choice of trim styles. Sophisticated, leather-wrapped lines that match the back and sides of the chair, or a strong, industrial finish that stands out and makes a completely unique impression.


No matter which of the three colors of premium leather you prefer, you can be sure they’re unmatched in quality, durability, and texture. Our full-grain leather gets softer and more supple over time. The deep black of Midnight. The clean, modern look of Ivory. Or the intoxicating shade of Bourbon. With increased use and proper care, DLX leather just gets better.

Even small details like stitching are a matter of choice. Our machine-precision stitching comes in a subtle, single-stitch look or a bold X-stitch. You decide what best suits your sense of style. Whichever you choose, the stitching on your DLX chair does more than hold it all together.


The DLX Series is ergonomically engineered with state-of-the-art lumbar support, independent backrest recline, tilt lock and tension controls at your fingertips, and your choice of adjustable headrest styles: Traditional or Deluxe Comfort. Both designed to alleviate neck and back pain and encourage healthy posture. The touch of a button, the turn of a dial, and your comfort is complete.

And if you really want your chair to reflect your personal brand, there are three different types of imprinting for your name or logo. Embossed, debossed, and embroidered.


DLX Marketing Manager, Ryan Anderskow said, “We understand that luxury is in the details. Every aspect of a DLX chair receives the attention and thinking it deserves. Every stitch, every line, every mechanism—is part of the big picture. Part of the connection created when you take a seat in your custom-built chair.”

The comfort and versatility of these unique chairs make them perfect for your office or personal living space. When the simple act of sitting down inspires higher standards, you know you’ve made a connection. Design one to suit your sense of style today at Luxury seating—accelerated.


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