Open Roads, Open Minds : A Driving Experience With Porsche And CS Magazine

Modern Luxury Modern Luxury | October 13, 2020

Lifestyle blogger, Ceta Walters, shares how driving became a moment of zen

Now more than ever we are looking for outlets of escape--a long run, a good book, a solo drive; perfect solitary moments of reflection that give peace to an uncertain and chaotic world. For Chicago-based lifestyle blogger, Ceta Walters, her car became a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of motherhood and working.

“Motherhood made my car my best friend,” Walters said. “It was the one place that I could go when I left my house to just have peace and quiet for myself. And when I started blogging it became my office. It was my one place of no distraction where I could take calls. It became my happy place.”

The Porsche Cayenne Turbo provided the perfect driving santancuary as Walters joined other Chicago car enthusiasts for an afternoon drive west of the city, as part of Porsche’s Stay Driven Tour. Winding through the open country roads west of downtown, guests enjoyed an afternoon test-driving the latest fleet of vehicles from Porsche.

“The driving experience today was amazing,” Walters said. “I’m a tomboy at heart and being able to push the speed a little bit put me in my happy place.”

From the county roads west of the city to Lakeshore Drive, the Windy City provides diverse backdrops for the perfect drive.

“There were times in the last few months when I’d just pack up the boys and go for a drive,” Walters said about her two sons. “Whether we were driving downtown or up to Evanston or to a lake retreat in Michigan, our car provided the ultimate escape.”

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Photography by: Porsche