Q & A with BeatMix Music's Founder, Becca Kaufman

By BeatMix Music By BeatMix Music | October 18, 2023


What motivated you to start your business?

I started BeatMix Music a little over 10 years ago with the goal of giving people an unparalleled music experience. I recognized an untapped market in Chicago when it came to music working in unification with all aspects of events. One of the things that makes an event cohesive is music … as long as it complements the decor AND the food AND, most importantly, the client’s vision.


Tell us what makes your business different from other wedding companies.

We are so lucky to be in Chicago because there are so many tremendous music companies within the city. Our clients are very lucky when it comes to that.

What definitely sets us apart is we own all of our own sound equipment which allows us to sound big without being loud. We know that the way we sound is just as important as the music we play and we take great pride in all of our performances.

Another thing that makes BeatMix Music unique is our relationships within the industry. I like to think of fellow vendors as “friendors,” for real. I know it’s an interesting phrase, but it’s the truth. Working with people who are as invested as you are, who are as knowledgeable and skilled within their profession as possible, not only makes for a tremendous event, but it makes for a tremendous experience for the client, which, of course, is our ultimate goal.


What is the most gratifying part of your business?

Plain and simple — an event where we leave it all on the dance floor, ideally executing it better than the client could have dreamed. There’s truly nothing better than a happy client who is overjoyed, speechless and exhausted from spending every second dancing!


What is your favorite trend for weddings currently?

I think a great wedding trend within music right now is that slow dances are back in, baby! Post-COVID, nobody wanted anything slow, and now, all of a sudden, a nice slow dance or two is requested, which is lovely because we know a TON of great slow songs.

A slow dance allows everyone to take in the moment and it’s so nice to see that trend coming back!


What are you most passionate about right now?

Sleep! Just kidding …

One of the things I’m most passionate about right now is growth — personally and professionally. Expanding creativity, expanding outreach, expanding my knowledge.

My goal is to keep adding new bands and new creative, never-before-seen entertainment options. We’ve also been lucky these past few years to perform in other states and I would love to introduce our acts to different parts of the country.

Of course, I always feel work-life balance is important in achieving all of these aspirations (so yeah … sleep)!


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