Razny Jewelers' Loose Diamond Event: Responsibly Sourced from Africa

By Ingrid Razny By Ingrid Razny | September 30, 2022

Photo courtesy of Michael Razny

Razny Jewelers is the leading family-owned and operated source for loose diamonds, bespoke jewelry, and Swiss timepieces. As one of few jewelers to have access to the direct supply of diamonds sourced from Africa. All are hand selected by the Razny family - no middleman involved.

As natural diamond ambassadors, our family felt it necessary to visit Namibia and South Africa, speak with its peoples, and learn first-hand how our industry affects their lives. We partnered with our direct diamond supplier to provide practical aid, including dialysis machines for clinics, funds for scholarships, and sanitary napkins so that young girls can go to school. As one child stated to us, many parents simply cannot afford the “luxury” of female hygiene products. Without these necessities, their girls cannot attend the classes they need to learn, and how will they achieve their ambitions without that instruction?

This visit reminded us that the children are the true diamonds of these nations, and it is in them we must invest. In the Soweto township in South Africa, the unemployment rate is 70% among certain age groups. Local mentors are stepping in to bridge the gap from poverty to education, ensuring youngsters are not lost to hopelessness. At the Kliptown Youth Program (KYP), for example, students from kindergarten through high school receive what may be the only hot meal of their day. Counselors give them guidance toward higher education. All proceeds received by this center go to the children of KYP, who greeted our family with beautiful smiles and open arms as soon as we entered. We left feeling incredibly moved and more determined than ever to support this shining oasis of hope.

Photo courtesy of De Beers

A crucial part of our purpose with this trip was to examine the working conditions of our natural diamond source and ensure Razny Bespoke gems are harvested in ways that meet international standards for ethical labor and trade. What we saw far exceeded our expectations. Boarding an alluvial mining vessel, we experienced the process by which diamonds are “vacuumed” from the seafloor, leaving nature poised to erase all traces of the extractions. At the cutting and polishing facility in Namibia, we witnessed our industry’s commitment to the people who support it. The experts here are locals, born and raised in the area. Natural diamonds bring much needed skilled jobs that will benefit these communities for generations.

Years ago, our family decided to sell only natural diamonds from locations prioritizing people and the planet. Today, 83% of the water used in our diamond recovery is recycled, safeguarding thousands of tons of water for local neighborhoods. Our partners work with local governments and community leaders to nurture the reclamation process so that the land we mine returns to the natural landscape when work is complete. Additionally, we see the communities who support our work as partners in this noble cause. Filled with gratitude for the people and land that give us the treasures that have become our life’s passion, our eyes are open wide, and we are even more committed to accomplishing good thanks to this natural resource.

Our Loose Diamond Event happening this weekend (September 30 – October 2) showcases hundreds of diamonds and special pricing, you won’t want to miss this event! For three days only our diamond selection will be expanded tremendously! Walk-ins are welcome, appointments are suggested.

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Photo courtesy of Michael Razny

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