Say I Do at Sofitel Chicago

By Sofitel Chicago By Sofitel Chicago | April 30, 2024


What is your best advice for engaged couples?

My advice to engaged couples is to prioritize open and honest communication, actively listen to each other's needs and concerns, establish shared goals and values, and cultivate patience and understanding as you navigate the journey of life together. Additionally, remember to cherish and nurture your relationship amidst the excitement of wedding planning.


What is your favorite trend for weddings currently?

How mindful couples are about the impact their wedding celebration will have on the environment. It gives me the opportunity to showcase creative ways to incorporate sustainable, eco-friendly elements into the wedding planning process. This includes creating menus from locally sourced or organic food for all functions, recommending the use of digital only invitations to reduce paper waste which in turns actually enhances open live communication between everyone involved in the planning. Additionally, discussing with other vendor’s eco-conscious decor and floral arrangements all leading to creative fun was to help couples ensure they are having as minimal impact on the environment as possible over the course of their wedding weekend.


What would you like to be the new trend for weddings?

Would love to see wellness incorporated more into the wedding planning and celebration experience. From encouraging couples to do things together during the planning process like journaling and having quiet moments of reflection before making decisions to even promoting something as simple as taking walks with your vendor to discuss aspects of the planning process, it gets everyone on their feet and moving! Also having more emotion based conversations where we want couples to share how happiness feels like at the rehearsal dinner ceremony, etc. and working to incorporate the physical elements to ensure first and foremost their mental health is not sacrificed during the planning process for their wedding.


Tell us what makes your business stand out?

Our hotel is known for its iconic distinctive French elegance and sophistication. Our team does an amazing job at incorporating French culture into how we engaged and welcome guest but we are all very passionate individuals about Chicago and so happy to share all of our local knowledge with guests and each other.


How far in advance should couples book your business?

6 months to a year is recommended to reserve a date, plan and ensure family and friends have adequate time to make arrangements to come celebrate and take a little time to explore some of the amazing attractions Chicago has to offer.


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