Spreading The Rainbow To The Frontline Workers

Alexa Shabinsky Alexa Shabinsky | September 21, 2020

Hand-drawn rainbows giving the storefronts happiness and light during a difficult time


Alice + Olivia, best known for their vibrant and stylish clothing items, is using their platform to spread a positive message. In May, when the pandemic was at its peak in the United States, founder, CEO, and creative director, Stacey Bendet’s youngest daughter had painted a picture of a beautiful and colorful rainbow. This rainbow became the idea behind a powerful concept to help thank healthcare workers and frontline workers. The drawing of the rainbow was used as a window display storewide, hoping to spread positivity and gratitude. Nationally, Alice + Olivia stores reached out to their community to see who would want to get involved. Community members were able to bring in their own rainbow drawings to join the movement and send a positive message to everyone during a difficult time.

The brand wants to position its windows and storefronts to send a positive message to the thousands of people that walk past it daily. Sela Roman, marketing manager, believes these storefront messages can become a vehicle for change within their community. Currently, the Alice + Olivia window displays are focussing on education and school. In collaboration with DonorsChoose, they are giving students and teachers the tools for a successful education. These window displays are allowing Alice + Olivia to enable their audience to make a valuable change together.


Photography by: Alice + OIivia