Spring Brook Marina is the Go-To Spot for all Things Boating in the Great Lakes

By Rachel Cohen | March 17, 2020 | Lifestyle

Whether you’re ready to invest in a powerboat, looking to hand off one of your own or your vessel needs some TLC, Spring Brook Marina is the place to go. Since 1961, the family-owned and operated company has delivered top-notch quality service and provided the Great Lakes region with a vast knowledge of the boating marketplace.


President and CEO Kyle Stenzel reflects on his start in the industry saying, “During my first [boat] show, I sold two new boats, one for over $1.5 million, and I was instantly hooked. I love seeing how happy families are on the water and the memories they create. I obviously also loved the luxury end of yachts and the boating business right from the start.”


Stenzel adds that SBM has a young, energetic staff with one common goal—providing customers with the absolute best boating experience possible. “We are hyper-focused on helping our clients with all things boat-related. Events, trip planning, service, storage, dockage, we help with it all. We don't just sell boats, we provide a boating experience that changes peoples lives... We are technically in the boat business, but we very much feel we are more in the relationship business. A client that entrusts us with their boating investment will truly get the very best customer service, user experience and boating concierge in the industry.”

Currently, SBM is looking for a dedicated Chicago space to expand their business. They also recently partnered with a high-end marina in Catawba to extend their range. “We are growing in the right way and staying focused on our goal of being the best yacht dealership in the Great Lakes,” says Stenzel.



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