The Art of Capturing Moments: How Luis Andres Revolutionizes The Luxurious Wedding Arena For Cinematography

By Prospect Cinema Team By Prospect Cinema Team | June 22, 2023


Within two years of attending the University of Illinois, Luis Andres quickly realized what he wanted to do. He took a leap of faith and believed in himself. Over the last year, Luis has had the luxury of working as a Director of Photography with multiple Fortune 500 companies, and he's never looked back. Luis Andres was raised with high morals and class by his parents, teaching him many values that make him the successful and brilliant person he is today. On top of this, Luis has been lucky enough to have not one but two well-respected, acclaimed directors & producers, a successful business couple, and inspiring mentors & parent figures, by the name of Magdalena & Luis F., by his side throughout his career. Having such grand experiences at his age allows Luis to cultivate magnificent artistry for his clients, creating scenes to remember for a lifetime. In turn, delivering such an experience is no easy feat; the knowledge doesn't come out of thin air; it's cultivated, molded, re-imagined & brought forth worth, and given to others to experience.


With social media today, keeping up with the new and modern is challenging. If you need someone to tell your story, that's great; easy to find. But if you want to immerse yourself in luxury and need someone, a guide rather, to show you the new & modern, follow Luis. You can feel confident and secure knowing that Luis and his team know exactly what to capture to relive every corner of your wedding day. At the end of the experience, when you're reliving your wedding day, not only will you be astonished by what you're seeing, but you, or anyone else reliving your day, will be wondering where on earth Luis & his team were that they're able to film such fantastic shots.


Balance with calmness is essential; how you do one thing is how you do everything. In life, this can be different for everyone. For Luis, it means not running around going wild on your wedding day; you'll never see a face of confusion with Luis. Luxury is quiet; it's class but is subtle and noticeable. Is your attire for the wedding Black-Tie? Perfect! We pride ourselves in knowing that we can blend in with your guests. When working on a day-to-day task, Luis often fascinates by what may seem like "inconsequential" matters, which, if looked at individually, may not matter. But all pieces fit seamlessly together once examined with the bigger picture. The wedding planning and day are just like this and, on top of this, extraordinarily stressful, but that doesn't mean that small details are to go unnoticed, disregarded, or thrown away. You and your family have worked extremely hard for this day, and you have the right to engulf yourselves as often as you want.


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