The DJ Firm: Spin on Luxury Entertainment

By The DJ Firm By The DJ Firm | June 16, 2022


What motivated you to start your business?

The DJ Firm was created by Eric Sampson (DJ Jem) and Carlington Young (DJ Sye Young). Coming from a successful career in Chicago nightlife, we created The DJ Firm because we wanted to bring a creative experience of what a DJ should sound like at a wedding. We used the tools that we learn from nightlife and implemented them into the wedding format. From the way we MC and most importantly the way we mix, creating a musical journey that is well programed and mixed together. Our goal was to change the narrative and the stigma of a wedding by interjecting our club style to the wedding format.


What is something you constantly strive for?

We are constantly striving to improve our processes to be more efficient as a company. Being able to deliver an impactful and well serviced night for our clients is one of the most important goals as a company. Our processes and the way we operate is essential to helping us achieve that. We would say that a wedding is one of the most difficult events for a DJ, because of the attention to detail that you need to have leading up to the event and during. For this reason, our processes and how we manage that is the key to our success. We are always striving to make the process easier for our team members so they can deliver the be service possible on the wedding day.

What sets your brand or business apart?

We truly feel the experience you receive with us sets us apart from the others and it starts at day one of the booking and knowing who is responsible for the music at your wedding. We feel having a choice of who that DJ is going to be is a big "must". A lot of our clients are able to go out and experience their DJ live before booking, giving them a sense of the DJ's talent and personality. Our investment in our team sets a new standard on how a DJ company should operate. All the details of your wedding are so important and we put someone in charge of that, our account manager helps organize all event information so the DJ does not have to. This allows are DJ's to be DJ's.

We care about the energy and esthetics of your dancefloor, that's why we supply custom DJ booths at every one of our weddings doing away with the unsightly 6ft table, exposed cables, and DJ equipment. We bring the DJ to the front, so they can deliver the best dance set possible!


What is your best advice for engaged couples?

From the DJs perspective, if you want the best dance party then you need to create the right environment and elements that helps promote that vibe. Here are a few tips:

  1. When you are creating your floor plan, make sure the DJ is an essential part and not an afterthought. The distance for DJ to dance floor should be no more that 5 ft and placement should be on one side in the center. The connection be the DJ and dancefloor is essential.
  2. Think about the other elements in the room, what do you have that will create competition for the dancefloor? If you can help it, keep your photobooths and bars in the same room.
  3. Once you place your DJs position, try not to sit the elderly near the DJ. Most likely they will complain that the music is too loud, which will prevent people in the back from hearing the music during dinner.
  4. Your expectations for the DJ should be high, but you should also know your crowd. Are they big dancers? Or not? Keeping the DJ in tune with the ins and outs of your group can be helpful.

What three words describe you or your business best?

Talented because our mixing style is second to none!

Detailed because our customer service truly drives this business!

Prepared because you invested in a team and not an individual!


Photography by: Courtesy of Steven Nunez