The Elegance of Which is the Heart of the Home

210 Design House 210 Design House | November 9, 2020

River North’s 210 Design House, home to brands like Snaidero and MisuraEmme is now also the exclusive dealer in Chicago for Glas Italia’s glass wall units and partitions. As the world is spending more and more quality time at home, the designers at 210 Design House are seeing homeowners turn to home enhancements and kitchen renovations. Snaidero USA’s ELEGANTE Bespoke collection, made exclusively for the North American market, is something that is resonating with many high-end homeowners.

210_Design_Hse_012.jpgPhotography: Tony Soluri

Snaidero’s ELEGANTE Bespoke kitchens feature authentic elegance of simple lines and carefully selected details. The impeccable quality of being Made in Italy, as well as the prestige of finishes made only for this collection and for this market.

ELEGANTE Bespoke combines Italian craftsmanship, innovation and exquisite finishes to create a kitchen unmatched in style and versatility. The uniqueness of ELEGANTE makes it a kitchen desired by those who crave the most refined elements of kitchen design.

210_Design_Hse_004.jpgPhotography: Tony Soluri

The ELEGANTE Bespoke collection offers unprecedented personalization in high-end kitchen design. Marrying the impeccable quality of Italian craftsmanship with technological innovation, the ELEGANTE Bespoke kitchen elevates the entire home with timeless allure, contemporary sophistication and versatility.

The ELEGANTE Bespoke kitchen is designed for the ultimate luxury home. A one-of-a-kind, personalized retreat curated with custom features, prized possessions, handpicked finishes, and rare finds.


ELEGANTE Bespoke exudes timeless allure and contemporary sophistication, elevating the entire home with its stunning presence.

Available in 8 exclusive wood finishes that can be combined with several Snaidero finishes to create unique combinations and truly allow the kitchen to serve as the focal point in the home.

210 Design House is proud to feature two stunning designs of Snaidero’s ELEGANTE Bespoke collection.

210_Design_Hse_003.jpgPhotography: Tony Soluri

Photography by: 210 Design House