The Gold Standard

By: Gold Coast Events By: Gold Coast Events | June 16, 2022

An interview with Gold Coast Events' founder Danny Chaimson.


What motivated you to start your business?

I started Gold Coast Events completely out of left field in terms of having any experience in the wedding industry. The first wedding I ever played was when I started The Gold Coast All Stars. My background as a touring keyboard player/songwriter/music director/producer with major acts (O.A.R., Solange, Tyga, many others) gave me a different, and closer perspective on how to make songs that our couples wanted to hear translate at their weddings. I had a strong desire to make wedding music ‘cool’, and give an option for people having beautiful high end weddings to have music worthy of what they were trying to accomplish for themselves and their guests. This still motivates me everyday, and is the cornerstone of what makes our company unlike any other in the country.


What is your best advice for engaged couples?

I always advise couples to stay true to themselves, while also considering what their overall goals of their wedding are. There are lots of ways to incorporate even very specific special songs that might be off the beaten path. The key is to do it at the right time- if done right it personalizes the wedding for you, and makes it special for your guests, giving them further insight into what you really love about each other (which everyone always loves to see!). Doing it wrong can leave your guests confused and unsure of what to do and when to do it. The key is to be super creative, without totally reinventing the wheel. That’s a challenge I love to attack for each wedding we play.

What sets your brand or business apart?

The number one takeaway we hear again and again after weddings we play, is that everyone feels like they were at the best concert ever, with all of their family and friends. We don’t use tracks or charts, and perform everything 100 pct live. We rarely play the same song the same way twice, and we really try to stay in the moment and feed off the crowd while the crowd is feeding off of us. This energy (which is what makes concerts so exciting) is very much at the core of what we do. Don’t get me wrong- everyone is still dancing and having fun- but that concert-like energy is ever present.


Do you do anything that is signature to your brand?

We truly start every wedding from scratch in terms of setlists. I’ve found success in trusting our clients to know what’s going to fly with their crowds, and we let our clients have a very big say into what actually gets played. A big part of what we do, is finding what our couples want music-wise, and then figuring out how to make it translate into a cohesive night of music that keeps everyone engaged throughout. Doing this, and learning songs specifically for each wedding, also is what keeps the bands on their toes and makes each wedding a different and unique experience performance wise.

How far in advance should couples book your business?

All of our bands tend to book really far in advance, and many couples specifically plan their wedding dates around our availability- which is pretty unique. Depending on the specific band and the date 12-18+ months is where you need to be. Its not unusual for couples to book us before they’re even engaged!


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