The Prince of The North Shore

By: Maison Du Prince By: Maison Du Prince | June 28, 2022


What motivated you to start your business?

Over the years I have worked in many different aspects of the design industry, including fashion, interior design and of course floral design. I wanted to combine all of those arenas into one resources for clients both at a retail level and brides and other events.

Tell us what makes your business different from other wedding companies?

Owning a retail design boutique gives us a vast array of vendors that can add a unique touch to our clients events. We use furniture, vessels and accessories from the world of interior design to round out our event design and really try to treat the entire space as a unit not just concentrate on what goes on the tables.

How did you handle the pandemic? Did your business model change?

We made a huge change in that we actually opened our doors during the pandemic.

What is your best advice for engaged couples?

Quality vs Quantity, maybe decrease your guest count so that you can have the real wedding of your dreams and not break the bank. A smaller guest count allows your event designer and other vendors the opportunity to provide you with the most beautiful product without having to compromise based on budget.

What is something you constantly strive for?

In a marketplace full of very talented people we do strive to be different and not just regurgitate pinterest photos. OPur goal is to provide a unique design and experience for each client. To hear their ideas and inspiration and combine it with our design expertise in order to synergize a truly unique.

What is one of the most unique elements you have seen in a wedding?

Stylized Bars & backdrops are a great way to add unique touches, we have also designed weddings that include elements like a sweetheart lounge and have even made it snow as the bride steps down the aisle.

What is the most gratifying part of your business?

The emotional return when you are able to not only meet the clients expectations but are able to go above and beyond is priceless.

Tell us what makes your business stand out?

We have a uniquedesign perspective and try to incorporate that eye into all of our events large or small. We also thrive on using unusual and high quality flowers in our designs for the added drama and interest.


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