Visit The New Lululemon That Has It All

Laura Hine | October 7, 2019 | Lifestyle


The new Lincoln Park Lululemon offers a remarkable combination of meditation, yoga and fitness classes ($25); a healthy cafe; a community event space; country-clubworthy locker rooms stocked with Lulu’s new personal care line; and, oh yes, the latest in fashionable fitness gear. We talked with Lisa Ewing, director of retail design innovation, to get the scoop on this multipurpose retail space. 944 W. North Ave.

  • The Lincoln Park store includes Fuel Space, Lululemon’s first-ever restaurant. The cafe offers full coffee service (good for those early morning workouts) as well as locally sourced, seasonal food.
  • The neighborhood is known for low-rise warehouses. The design team wanted to expose as much of the building’s soul and infrastructure as possible.
  • The store donates 2% of class fees to I Grow Chicago, a local not-for-profit that works to help the Englewood neighborhood thrive.
  • The curvilinear form juxtaposes with the rigid industrial steel and concrete infrastructure of the space, which provides a visual cue that something different and special is located within.
  • The store has a sweat concierge to ensure that when a guest checks in, the team knows them, what they need and how to help.

Photography by: LULULEMON