What to Order at One of West Loop's Best New Restaurants

Kelsey Ogletree | January 31, 2018 | Feature Features

A tantalizing mix of stiff drinks, craveable small plates and unpretentious vibes beckon to West Loop's City Mouse.
The burrata and Brussels-sprouts dish features grilled bread covered in bagna cauda.

Just after 6p.m. on a Wednesday, City Mouse’s dimly lit dining room is about halfway full, and every seat at the bar is taken. As the night continues, handfuls of groups—likely some from Google across the street—stream in, rendering City Mouse nearly a full house. Later still, a four-top of 40-something men scoot their table to join up with that of two single women, and they all order another round.

Infused with a spirit of camaraderie and an all-are-welcome mentality, the latest restaurant from Jason Vincent of Logan Square’s Giant is a solid fit with its mother ship, Ace Hotel Chicago. For starters, one of Ace’s mantras is “cultivating joy attracts more joy.” The phrase manifests in every part of the highly shareable, slightly adventurous menu at City Mouse.

Dead Work is a clear winner on the cocktail menu. A supreme sipper for winter, the whiskey-based drink has a kick of cinnamon that warms from the inside out. Equally comforting is the Country Mouse starter. Biting into a ball of fried cheddar breaded in panko and topped with caviar evokes the same feeling as wrapping yourself in a blanket hot out of the dryer. Go ahead and order two.

A variety of salads provides heaps of both fruit and veggies. Try the Mutsu apples and farro with roasted pears and kohlrabi, or the roasted beet salad, which, while not hugely original, is well executed. The star of the small plates is the lemony Brussels sprouts, paired with grilled bread spread with garlicky bagna cauda. It will leave you scraping the last crispy bits from the bottom of the bowl.


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